Buy & Sell

Dubai has a very vibrant and fast growing online retail market. The E-commerce scenario  in Dubai is maturing to points where many global e-commerce platforms exist. For example, you have which is the local version of amazon. There are hundreds of other options, and each one is specialized in areas, and some, of course offer a wide spectrum of products.

While ‘home deilvery’ is a huge trend in Dubai, and you can get almost anything delivered to your doorstep, the list of products (and services) that you can order online is increasing by leaps and bounds every day.

While buying online, or on the ‘secondary or used market’ is one of the main things that you might be interested in at some point in time you might want to sell some of your things at home and that you do not need any more. Dubai has a vibrant used goods market – and a lot of them are available at a huge bargain – because of the expat population in Dubai. Dubizzle is one of the best places you will be able to Bothe buy and sell – it is the best classifieds web portals in Dubai.

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Automotive specialized

Cars (and bikes) are a big factor in Dubai. Earlier on, Dubai did not have a very good public transport system. Taxis were a wild game a few decades ago, and there was no proper bus or metro system. So, the first thing anyone arriving in Dubai, was to try and get a driving license and then aim to buy a car that they could afford. The secondhand cars market in Dubai is a vibrant part of the economy – and it is probably of recognition of the fact that once you drive out a brand-new car out of the dealership it loses around 20 to 30% of the value.

Having said that the larger new car dealerships in Dubai have woken up to the fact that globally it is a different situation about buying cars right now and they are now offering special deals and as well rather than straight out buys leasing options.