Covid cases up again & new travel protocols

Covid cases in Dubai are on the rise again. Dubai is also updating travel protocols. As of yesterday, October 2, we had 1181 new cases. That takes the total number of Corvid 19 cases in the country to 96,529. 424 people have died. But the recovery rate is pretty good. D

What is important to remember this crucial time of the year when the weather is changing and flu season is a real threat is that we should not forget to abide by the rules and stipulations in place by the government on how to manage this pandemic. You really should be wearing a mask at all times when you’re out in public, you need to keep your social distance from people around you, you need to avoid gatherings as stipulated, wash your hands and basically follow all the other protocols that are in place.

In the meantime Dubai has issued new travel protocols which state that Emiratis returning to Dubai from overseas are not required to do a PCR test prior to departure regardless of the country are coming from and the length of time they have spent there. Emiratis will only be required due to a PCR test when they arrive in Dubai..  Old residents and tourists arriving in Dubai we have to undergo a PCR test prior to departure to Dubai and transit passengers from some countries will also need to conduct the test prior to departure to Dubai.

On the way out, Emirati nationals, and tourists travelling overseas from Dubai are only required to undergo a PCR test prior to departure if the destination country requires a pre-travel negative test certificate.