Dubai Fitness Challenge: an expat favorite

The month long celebration of health, fitness and wellbeing is a particular favorite amongst expats in Dubai. The annual event Dubai fitness challenge returns to the city beginning October 30. The concept of the Dubai fitness challenge is to inspire residents of the city to pursue a lifestyle that is active and is committed to at least 30 minutes of some kind of activity for 30 days.

The event was launched in 2017 by Shk Hamdan bin Mohammed who is the Crown Prince of Dubai and this is the fourth time that this event is happening. The Dubai Fitmness Challenge is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels and the idea is to improve the health and well-being of everyone involved – all citizens, residents, expats and visitors. During this time of the pandemic it is going to be important to maintain social distancing and all the other social and safety precautions that the government has recommended. 

The 2020 Dubai Fitness Challenge will feature special at home sessions – very important during the pandemic.. The completely free source will provide a fitness content that will span across all interests and abilities, and will provide information that will help all users for users to manage their own fitness regimens. This year we are not sure of how most of the outdoor events are going to pan out but every year this celebration of health and wellness is a huge favourite in particular with expats who lives in Dubai. Specially at this time of the year in Dubai starting to cool down that’s bad seem to love the outdoors and experience that this fitness celebration provides.

There are videos to help and guide workout routines, exercise programs that span across all30 days, challenges for all disciplines, recipes that are geared for healthy eating, and a lot more.