Dubai moves up global Smart City ranking for 2020

For the second year in a row Dubai and Abu Dhabi lead the Middle East region in a global ranking of smart cities. The city of Dubai actually ranked number 43 – moving up two places – while the top five places were occupied by Singapore, Helsinki, Zürich, Auckland, and Oslo. Duding the coronavirus crisis, the issue of connectivity within cities is a big factor in how the governments are able to handle the pandemic, and manage it better in terms of information, connectivity, tracking and data.

This particular smart city index 2020 is by the Institute for management development and ranks the city is based on economic and technological data. How the citizens of the place perceive the smartness of the city also counts as a factor. The survey included responses from over 109 countries who were surveyed in the summer of this year and it covered certain key factors such as mobility, Health and safety activities, available opportunities, and governance.

According to IMD, the findings actually reflect the role of the technology please in this era of the pandemic and how likely it is to remain that way after the pandemic gets over. Factors like access to healthcare online CCTV cameras and safety health aspect online mobility including car sharing apps and how they reduced traffic in the city where all in play.