Dubai needs to be vigilant on Covid-19

There were six deaths yesterday in the UAE yesterday – the highest daily death toll since the Covid-19 pandemic started. The number of cases rose to more than 100,000 – at 100, 794. While the numbers aren’t high compared to many other countries, either in the region, or globally, it certainly is cause for alarm that cases are rising. Maybe, as many in the health sector had predicted, the second wave of this Covid-19 pandemic started.

What specialists are saying now is that the Covid 19 virus can actually spread indoors without direct physical contact meaning to the year.  When in close contact in a closed environment such as a restaurant or an office there are droplets in the air that can spread the infection and this is really something to be careful about because winter is on its way and most doors and windows are going to be closed.

What the CDC or the Centre for Disease Control in the US is saying that is that aerosols which are particles more than hundred microns can remain suspended in the air for many seconds to as much as many hours – it is like smoke. This is a bit scary because the CDC now says that people who have followed social distancing guidelines have been infected to this type of transmission meaning that it is a warning against frequenting crowded, poorly ventilated indoor spaces.

The important thing to note here is that in Dubai a lot of residents are dependent on going out to restaurants to eat, to socialise, and to spend time outside relaxing.  Most of this going out is done in close spaces, most of these locations happened in shopping malls or restaurants and these are now proving to be dangerous grounds for the infection to spread. The tiny aerosols or small particles that spread the disease usually get in the year through talking laughing or even breathing so there is an imminent danger yet I’m just going out and spending time outside in the company of a bunch of people.

Apparently, going to an article in the Gulf News, today, residents in Dubai are “getting used to a new normal”. This “new normal” is a great story, it is encouraging that people are getting used to it, but it is also very scary – because this means that people might get complacent and start ignoring the precautionary measures that the government and the health organisations are put in place.

With flu season coming on strong, of a second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic being real this is no time to be complacent.  Residents of Dubai really need to be alert and compliant with all the measures that the government is putting in place and look after themselves their neighbours and their community so that we don’t have a huge spread of the deadly disease again.