Dubai. The weather is changing.

Dubai doesn’t really have a Fall season. One day you’re sweating buckets and can’t wait to get into an AC environment – whether that be home, a shopping mall, a store, or even the bus stop. Then suddenly, it’s okay, and comfortable outside and you’re headed into October and it seems that Dubai is the best place in the world to live.

September hasn’t come to an end yet but the smell of barbecue in the early evening is in the air. People look less tired on their morning or evening walks and their running gear are less soaked and drenched in sweat. Best of all, going grocery shopping you can see that the vegetable aisles are now stocked with fresh vegetables that you didn’t see during the summer. Everything looks succulent and straight off the farm.

Usually by the middle of October, the weather really turns in Dubai to a point where you can almost smell the balmy winter in the air. Let’s look forward to it…

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