E-Scooters to feature in Dubai’s transport system

A tiny electric motor powers this two wheel scooter. It has become a popular way of individual transportation across the world. Many cities in Europe have already launched schemes where scooter sharing is part of their transport system, and which complements the other major transport networks.

As announced by the RTA which is the Road and Transport authority in Dubai, there are plans to launch the scooters across five different zones in the city. This is to encourage an individual means of transport and then hopefully close the last mile challenge between Metro stations bus stops and other already existing public transport transit points and where people live. Making the option official, and launching a shareable service will hopefully, in the long term, encourage people to use public transportation a lot more.

The E scooter is already very popular with certain segments of the expat population in Dubai. They are not expensive to buy, or run, and a lot of them are seen whizzing around early in the morning or late in the evening used by expats going back and forth from work. As the official scooters become available for use – it would mean, hopefully, different pick up and drop off points – making it a viable transport option. Hopefully, the cost of using this mode of individual transportation will be economical.

Ensuring the safety of e-scooter users on Dubai’s roads is paramount to making this a successful initiative.

What is not period is that whether these E scooters are going to use the many miles of cycling tracks that are already existing across the city of Dubai or whether they will have dedicated lanes of some kind to buzz along.

Rommel, an expat from the Philippines, owns an e-scooter, and he does not have a license to operate it, and feels he does not need one. “it is cheap to run it is quiet and convenient and the one that I have is small and easy to store it work so yes it really makes sense for me.” He is concerned, however, about safety issues. “At the moment it is not a safe mode of transport, keep getting passed at high speeds by cars or bikes and I feel that because the motor is silent that it is difficult for other people on the road to know that I’m coming their way so it is difficult from the sense of safety.”

Malina is an expat from Sri Lanka who works in the hospitality business. “I am taking a bus every day and have to wait for a long time at the bus stop both ways.  Now I have an option if this e scooter is launched by the Dubai RTA. It will depend on how close the e-scooter stop is to my home.”