Managing Covid-19: The UAE did well in August

The data for Covid-19 cases in the UAE for August this year has just come out and we have seen on average 305 cases everyday for the month – which is about 3.1 cases per 100,000 residents. 

It’s encouraging to note that August saw a 21% drop in cases compared to July. The number of deaths decreased by 5.7% between July and August. Just 0.47% in August and 0.81% in July were confirmed positive cases compared to the number of tests conducted.

The UAE yesterday (Sept 22) saw 852 new cases and 939 patients in hospital and there were no new deaths.

The UAE is actually in the 8th position globally in total number of tests conducted by any country in in a month when we look at the August numbers. The nation actually conducted more than 2 million tests in August and ranked first globally in number of tests conducted per 100,000 of the population.

So that is very good news. The numbers are improving in spite of the easing of the lockdowns it’s just that we need to be continuously aware what we need to do to be vigilant. We need to follow all the rules – wear our masks, be socially distant and do everything we can so that we can avoid a second wave. 

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