Melwyn. The Insurance Broker.

An insurance broker / salesman from Goa, India has been in Dubai for more than 15 years, and is happy with his life.

Where are you from? What’s your background?

I am originally from Goa in India and we are very easy-going people. It is very easy for us to get along with people to make friends and acquaintances and we find it very easy to extend our social circle.

Why this business?

I am from India and I have a B.Com degree, so I know little bit about finance and banking I currently work in insurance and I am more or less pleased with my job. Actually my family has been in yeah life insurance business for a long time. My father sold life insurance policies as a side business and my uncle was a life insurance broker for LIC corporation. As you know is the official government life insurance provider in India and they are very very big. So I knew about the business from an early age and when I came to Dubai that’s what I wanted to do.

Are you self-employed, then?

No, I actually work for a company that does insurance brokerage as their main service, and they have clients that are of all types. Some of them are large corporate clients who own a lot of businesses and they insure their businesses and companies but also trust us with their own life insurance and family life insurance policies.

We need to understand the insurance business it’s a business of fear or planning which ever way you wanna look at it.  For I try and sell a policy I always look at it with the client with the customer as a planning process and I never tried to use the fear aspect of it but that’s always there in the corner.

Find really interesting is that the more money you have the more fear you seem to have. As an insurance broker, as a salesperson, I just have to be able to find the right trigger to be able to convince them that they are planning for their future and the future of their loved ones in case something happens to them. This is tricky – you have to get used to doing this with your eyes closed and doing it with a large amount of confidence.

The nice thing about the insurance hey is that it is linked to and provided by large investment companies that are well known. What I really go and do today is sell the clients – some of the m at least – and investment plan with a decent rate of return there is also backed by insurance so for them it is a win-win situation.

You said you were happy with your job…

To be honest with you yes I am. For businesses almost in totally commission based. I literally have very little salary that I can depend on at the end of the month so the more I can go and sell the better off I do and so far I’ve done okay. Yes the hours are very very long because most of the time. You meet clients after their work day is over which means that I have to wait for them to come home and then go meet and when it is convenient for them. Which means there is very little time for me to spend with my family so that is the sacrifice that we have to make altogether. I came to Dubai 15 years ago and I’ve been doing this for around 13 years now.

For the first two years that I was here in Dubai I tried my hand at multiple jobs and multiple sectors. I tried selling books and magazines from office to office. I tried selling advertising space in magazines. Then I just jumped back to what I was familiar with. Insurance.