Jebel Ali School

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Jebel Ali School History

Jebel Ali School is an evolution of Jebel Ali Primary School which was originally built to provide education for the children of expatriate workers involved in the construction of the largest man-made port in the world. It opened its doors on September 22, 1977 and has since seen a varied and exciting life. When the port construction project was complete, the village was handed over to the Government of Dubai, but Jebel Ali Primary School remained under the control of its Board of Governors.

The school’s independent and non-profit status was cemented in 1986 by obtaining a Decree from His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai. This was a major landmark in the school’s history.

The school evolved into an entirely British Curriculum establishment but never lost its desire to cater for children of all nationalities and abilities. Its multicultural and cosmopolitan profile is one of its most attractive features to this day.

Jebel Ali School is now located at a new campus in DAMAC Hills, continuing the legacy of Jebel Ali Primary School, not only in this significant expansion of our facilities – enabling us to foster our pupils’ growth from Foundation Stage through to Sixth Form – but also in transforming our learning environment.

This is an exciting time for Jebel Ali School. 2017 will be our 40th year of providing educational excellence to the population of Dubai.

Our New Campus, a New Era

Jebel Ali School is now located at a new campus in Akoya, continuing the legacy of Jebel Ali Primary School. Not only is this a significant expansion of our facilities – enabling us to foster our pupils’ growth from foundation stage through to sixth form – it also transforms our learning environment.

The new campus has been entirely designed around the needs of the students, from wide green areas for active and imaginative play, to shaded outdoor seating for reading and relaxing. Many of our classrooms connect directly with the outdoors, inspiring our pupils to be curious about the natural world and enjoy healthy exercise.

As well as sports fields and courts, there are outdoor classrooms and sand and water play areas for little ones.

Adding a sense of place and belonging, the buildings connect students to the heritage of the Emirates.

A True 21st Century Education

Jebel Ali School has been designed by a team of leading architects, construction engineers and, most importantly, educationalists. The results provide an enriched contemporary learning environment that inspires and supports the students on their lifelong learning journey.

Our classrooms are spacious and flexible, allowing us to fully utilise both inside and outside learning zones. Attention has been paid to ensuring that there is a sense of light and space in the school design. Our clustered designs around inner courtyards allow children in each age phase of the school to feel safe and secure in their own environment.

Exploration and research are galvanised with the provision of leading design science laboratories. Specialist provisions have been made to allow students to experience the worlds of Product Design, Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing, Food Technology & Nutrition, Digital Technology and Virtual Learning.

A holistic approach to developing the performing and expressive arts is facilitated by dedicated areas created for dance, drama, music and art. Opportunities to share the achievements of our pupils with our wider community are provided in our 650 seat auditorium, lecture theatre, art studios and dance studios.

Designed for a Balanced Education

Jebel Ali School adopts an inclusive and competitive approach to sport; indeed we are a school renowned for our sporting achievements. All curricular and extracurricular activities are well catered for with our extensive facilities which include:

  • 25m competition and teaching pool
  • Rugby/football pitches
  • Netball and basketball courts
  • Athletics facilities including long jump
  • Indoor sports centre which includes a hall with a viewing area and a dedicated gym

Independent research and inquiry, critical thinking and collaborative learning skills are skills for life. Our specially designed research areas, two extensive libraries, quiet study areas and group rooms help to foster these attributes in our learners.

Sixth formers are prepared for university, further study and a life of work within their own high specification centre. Along with wide-ranging academic, research and IT facilities, our students will have opportunities to relax and discuss ideas with their peers in the open plan lounge which has independent catering facilities.

Our bright and spacious canteen will enable our older children to avail of nutritious hot and cold food during the school day. The canteen will provide a relaxed area in which students can interact on a social basis.

Recognising that our well trained and experienced teachers are one of our greatest assets, the school design has allowed for spaces dedicated to quiet working and professional development and training. It is important to our school that we stay at the leading edge of educational best practice.

Vision & Mission: Putting Children First Since 1977

It is our mission to provide:

  • A safe, happy and welcoming organisation which has safeguarding and care at the heart of all it does;
  • An embedded ethos of respect for others and themselves;
  • A multi-cultural learning community embracing a flexible and holistic approach that celebrates each child’s unique talents;
  • An enriched contemporary environment instilling independent and inquisitive learning skills;
  • A child-centred, innovative, inspiring curriculum;
  • An education for pupils with the understanding that achievement is without limit; we aspire to continually progress and surpass expectation;
  • A sense of community that pervades all aspects of school life

It is our shared vision to:

  • Nurture confident, reflective, emotionally intelligent learners;
  • Encourage critical thinking where pupils are willing to take risks and respond to challenges with enthusiasm and self-belief;
  • Empower pupils to become resilient and adaptable lifelong learners;
  • Prepare our pupils to become responsible global citizens who lead healthy, active and balanced lifestyles;
  • Be the leaders of the future in our rapidly changing world.