The Expat Life

This blog site is about the expat life in Dubai, and mind you, around 87% of the population of Dubai consists of expats.

The content of this site is based on a series of interviews, informal chats, coffeeshop conversations, and sometimes email-based information that folks shared over time. Some may be a bit nasal in tone, because there’s a bit of whining going on. But most of the posts are honest – with no alterations, but, yes some edits (as perhaps requested by the person written about). Identity protection is sacred here.

This easily could have been a podcast, actually it should have been – and would have done for a great source of entertainment, inspiration, information and what have you. But that’s the problem with expats – or at least some of them – language, spoken language seems to cause a barrier when it is expressed in English – not being a first language for most expats, and the free flow just stops. Because there are so many interruptions to figure out what is being said. Instead, we used conversations with people, but often via a genuine translator, a neutral one. And took extensive notes, both written and recorded. But for many of the conversations, or interviews, English was just fine.