The fitness season is ahead in Dubai, winter is coming

During the difficult summer months in Dubai, unless it is very early in the morning, or late into the evening, you seldom see people out for a jog or a walk. Even those who walk the dogs seem reluctantly chugging along in the middle of the heat.

But as we head into October it seems like Fall as the season is in the year even though Dubai really doesn’t have four seasons. Basically it is our easing up of the heat of summer and the beginning of the few cooler months here in the city. We are also beginning to see a few stragglers here in there who already ventured out and have started their fitness regimes. Some of them have started to vigourously walk the dogs, some are languorously jogging along the many rubberised jogging tracks that the government has created to encourage walking, jogging and cycling, and some are breaking into a run – the long wait of summer too much for them.

During the cooler months there seems to be a genuine attempt at being conscious about one’s health. Gym memberships go up, more people are on the streets in their sports gear, more kids and families are out in the parks and beaches.

These are good signs, after all we can really look forward to saying meaningfully winter is coming.