Education in Dubai

We look at education in Dubai – starting from the very early years to University levels.

Dubai has a wide variety of schools across almost every globally accepted curriculum that exists – 17 different ones, as we speak. When deciding on a particular curriculum there are several factors to consider. 

What has become a trend with parents making curriculum decisions for their children early on is where they expect their child to end up for college/university. Every curriculum has requirements for examinations and qualifications at the end of high school, and these usually are the ones that are taken into consideration by target universities or colleges. Parents today may need to keep in mind the requirements of any future plans to apply to to university – and typically the requirement of that ‘system’.

As an expat, your selection of a curriculum would depend on your country of origin’s specific curriculum if you plan for your child to return to that educational environment.  

Any curriculum is far wider in perspective than just the exams at the end or the textbooks and references used. A typical curricula is about everything that the school imparts as education (including the subjects and the style of teaching), and all activities that go beyond the classroom. These activities help provide a well rounded education and often include school trips, extra-curricular activities, social and special interest clubs and more. Every curricula has a different approach to learning, teaching, and to the overall growth of the young mind.

Some of the secondary international schools in Dubai are today well known as feeder schools to some of the world’s best known universities in the US, Canada and the UK.

Dubai’s colleges and universities are now being recognized globally, most are affiliated with universities from Europe, Australia, the US and India – and it is really helping put Dubai on the global education map.

If you have arrived recently, and perhaps what you might face is that your child will take some time to adjust to the education system here in Dubai or to a new curriculum that you may have admitted him or her to. Also some students require additional help outside the classroom to catch up with the pace of what is being taught. Help is available by way of private tuition or through organised classes that are available in the city. Typically these classes are in areas of mathematics, science and language.

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It’s just the nature of the transient population in Dubai, that a large percentage of the 2nd generation is at that age that they would be preparing to enter University life. While most high school students are fairly adept at preparing for the college application process by themselves some students require additional help to help them this challenging time in their lives. Some of these college prep programs also feature a advanced placement opportunities and many students aiming for the top universities across the world would enroll with one of these. College Prep programs are extremely competent in Dubai. The best ones are Hale  |  Sage Education   |