Useful information for Living in Dubai


Utilities: Electricity, Water, Phones

One of the first things you need to do when you arrive in Dubai, as an expat is to get connected. Phones first… You really cannot get along in Dubai without a mobile phone, and the first and easy connection you can get is a ‘pre-paid’ sim based number. Meaning, if you already have a mobile phone, you sign up and pay-as-you-go. Once you have settled in, and are ready with all your paperwork, you can possibly opt for a post-paid account, where you are billed monthly.

You can opt between three main providers of telecom services in Dubai –  Etisalat | Du | Virgin Mobile.

All of them provide pre-paid and post-paid (monthly billing) mobile service plans – meaning you can a pay-as-you-go via a pre-paid amount being debited or and monthly billing option (usually requires a deposit). Most plans also offer very special deals on the very latest mobile phones – when you sign up for a year or more, and you can pay on installments.

If you like a ‘land line’ at home (the telecoms provide a fiber optic based connection). Home internet connections are also provided by your telecom. The telecoms also provide your tv connection for your home, and most offer special bundle offers that you can avail of – which combine home land line, tv and internet.

Utilities: DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) |

Groceries, Food, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets

You can buy groceries, food, and almost all your daily necessities at thousands of stores in Dubai. These include small corner shops (called ‘baqalas’), small to medium stores that sell fresh groceries and everyday essentials – all the way to huge supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Sports / Leisure / Wellness / Gyms / Yoga

When it comes to sports, leisure, wellness, going to gyms and yoga studios – Dubai is a 50-50. This means that about half of the population is very health-conscious and want to be healthy and well. It also being said the other half of the population really don’t care are mostly lazy about working out –some of them being obese – and have a lot of health problems. At any given time in Dubai, you will see people who are walking, jogging or running on the streets – just as part of their fitness regime. No this is not easy, because at most you are only be able to go the out on the streets – walking, running, jogging, cycling, maybe for just a few months of the year – unless you do it very early in the morning, or very late at night.

Retire in Dubai?

Recently, the government opened up some wonderful options for folks to retire in Dubai, pivoting Dubai right up there with some of the best known places to retire like Portugal, Thailand, Costa Rica, and others. Check out the information , simply google Retire in Dubai

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